Essential Baking Tools for the Home Baker

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Last Updated on April 7, 2022

Essential Baking Tools for the Home Baker

Home baking enthusiasts know that their success relies on having the right equipment and supplies for the job.

In order for your recipes to look professional and taste delicious, be sure to choose commercial grade baking supplies for your home kitchen.

Set Up a Sturdy Countertop Mixer

Using a countertop mixer is often preferable to using a handheld mixer. Handheld mixers are more affordable, but countertop models are more durable and can stand up to more frequent use and thicker batters.

For the home, KitchenAid is the standard. However, professional chefs prefer commercial brand names like Varimixer, which are well-reputed in the food industry.

Make Way For Measuring Cups and Spoons

Measuring cups and measuring spoons are essential for the home baker. Professional bakers know how important precise measurements are to the success of the end product.

Although they often measure by weight using a baker’s dough scale, measuring cups and spoons are the perfect tools for making exact additions to any recipe in the home.

Weigh The Advantages of a Kitchen Scale

A bakers’s scale weighs ingredients in a flash, giving bakers exact measurements in order to accurately follow recipes.

For home use, choose a traditional mechanical kitchen scale for the most basic type of scale, or choose a digital portion control kitchen scale for a more modern look that is thinner and easier to store than its mechanical counterpart.

Escali makes digital scales in several jazzy colors to match any home chef’s favorite hues.

Try a Kitchen Timer

Many unfortunate instances of burned cakes and screeching smoke alarms might have been prevented if only a kitchen timer had signaled that an item was finished baking. Try a kitchen timer and set your mind – and your local fire department – at ease.

Bake Only On a Nonstick Baking Mat

With nonstick baking mats, cookies and homemade candies will never again stick to the sheet pan, and the material prevents scorching for a more even bake. Silpat is a common brand that many home bakers prefer.

Silicone baking mats are the ideal baking surface for a variety of baked goods, although you may also try parchment paper, which is a disposable non-stick alternative to reusable silicone mats.

Fill a Real Pastry Bag

Fabric pastry bags are the professional choice for equipping the commercial kitchen. They are reusable after a quick wash and they hold a good deal of frosting for when you need to decorate several cakes in one go.

They fit snugly with a variety of pastry tips are ideal for creating high-quality piping on cakes or for frosting intricate details on cookies, petit fours or other baked items.

Find them in a range of sizes from 10 to 24 inches long.

Employ a Candy Thermometer

These tools are mainly for measuring the temperature of sugar, chocolate and cooking oil. They will ensure that your ingredients are at the right temperature for the recipe, taking out the guesswork.

Try a manual model candy thermometer over a digital one for easier calibration and longer life.

Smooth Things Out With a Rolling Pin

Many chefs use rolling pins, especially those committed to artisan styles of baking and cooking. A wooden rolling pin is a traditional favorite, with handles for an easy grip.

For something a little different, try a French rolling pin.

These have long, narrow and slightly tapered ends to offer greater control and maneuverability for delicate fondant and fragile tuile cookies.

Light up a Kitchen Blowtorch

In a professional bakery, the finishing touches on a dessert can be the most important part. Caramelizing crème brulée or browning the peaks of a meringue pie requires a meticulous yet delicate heat.

Using a kitchen torch can be the ideal way to get the perfect finish on your professional desserts.

Use a Multi-blade Croissant Cutter

A professional pastry chef often pumps out hundreds of croissants every day. In order to produce many croissants with precise size, shape and speed, use a multi-blade pastry wheel over cookie cutters or other single-blade cutters.

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