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Chocolate Fountain

Last Updated on April 7, 2022

Best Chocolate Fountain

Chocolate fountains provide an interactive centerpiece that brings guests together and creates a fun yet sophisticated atmosphere. Fountains can benefit every aspect of your catering or restaurant business, and are a great option for home entertaining as well.

At any venue, attendees appreciate the options of fruit and desserts that fountains provide, kitchen staff are able to concentrate on other courses more thoroughly and the host is able to quickly and easily restock with chocolate and dipping items.

The stunning presentation and versatile appeal of fountains have made them a popular choice for weddings, holiday parties and other festive galas.

In This Article You Will Learn:

  • What size fountain is best for you
  • What kind of chocolate to use
  • How to enhance your fountain with accessories

Size Your Chocolate Fountain

The size of your chocolate fountain is an important consideration when purchasing one for your home or business.

In order to create a smooth and continuous curtain, all fountains require a minimum amount of chocolate. Too little will cause an uneven flow and can burn your chocolate.  Too much will overflow your fountain and could damage the motor.

If your catered events or home gatherings are typically smaller, a large fountain will be unrealistic and cause unnecessary waste.

Similarly, small fountains will be impractical for large gatherings, since you will need to continuously refill the chocolate.

Follow this chart to get an idea of what size will benefit your home or business best:

Minimum Capacity (Lbs) Maximum Capacity (Lbs) Serves Approximately 
3420 guests
4640 guests
61060 guests
612100 guests
1220250 guests
Size Guide
Milk chocolate

Choose a Chocolate

Along with your fountain, chocolate is an equally important component that requires consideration and research. The ingredients that make up your chocolate can make or break its ability to flow smoothly and continuously through your fountain, and an incorrect composition can cause an off-flavor, a burned and gritty texture or, in the worst case scenario, even a clog in your machine.

Types of Chocolate

The type of chocolate you use—dark, milk or white—depends upon personal preference and the type of event.

  • Milk fondue chocolate is a creamy chocolate that is generally well-liked, and therefore a good choice for commercial use where guests’ preferences are unknown.
  • Dark fondue chocolate is a dark, slightly bitter variety with a rich color that looks great on a buffet and goes well with many fruits. It is high in anti-oxidants. Also, dark chocolate typically contains less dairy product than milk and white chocolates, keeping it from scorching as easily.
  • White fondue chocolate is a sweet option that can easily be colored to match the party’s theme.

Specially Made Chocolate

The best chocolate to use in your fountain is the kind that is made specifically for chocolate fountains. These varieties do not require any additional oil to reach a proper density, meaning a consistent and great tasting product every time.

It does not mean you have to buy the best of the best either; chocolate for fountains is available in different qualities with dark, white and milk to choose from.

Generally, these chocolates are made with additional cocoa butter to maintain their smooth texture and rich chocolate flavor.

Making Your Own Chocolate

Chocolate recipes for fountains are also an option, but not recommended for commercial use since a consistent outcome is difficult to achieve.  As a home entertainer, it can be fun to experiment with chocolate recipes of different flavors and cocoa percentages; just make sure to test your recipe’s outcome before relying on it during a gathering.

In addition to chocolate, you can also use your fountain for caramel, warm cheese fondue, ranch dressing, barbecue sauce and a variety of other dipping sauces.

A chocolate fountain with skirting

Find Fountain Accessories

There are many accessories that add visual appeal and versatility to your fountain.

  • Drip guards, or surrounds, protect the area surrounding the fountain, which tends to get messy, and they make cleanup a breeze.
  • Fountain wind and sneeze guards are great for indoor and outdoor use to protect against drafts, bugs, debris and sneezes.
  • Fountain skirts glisten in the light and attract attention to your festive centerpiece.
  • Fountain toppers add even greater height to your fountain and attract attention with vibrant colors.
  • Skewers and chocolate dipping forks come in all types, from simple wooden models to color-coded metal sets.

Sprinkling chocolate chips onto a crepeChoose Your Dippers

Chocolate fountains are useless items without something to dip in the chocolate. Dippers are small pieces of fruit, pretzels, cake or other treats that go will with chocolate, caramel or whatever else you are putting in your fountain. There are a wide variety of dippers to choose from.

Consider Chocolate Additives

There is no reason to stop at dippers. The chocolate itself can be accentuated to match themed events and wow guests:

  • Coloring. White chocolate coloring is available in every color of the rainbow to truly make your fountain stand out against all else. You can use green or red for holiday parties, and pink for weddings.
  • Flavoring. Flavorings are available to add to any type of chocolate which entice guests with their aroma and provide an unexpected surprise.

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