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Honeypig, Taiwan

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Honeypig Izakaya & Karaoke

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Honey Pig

“Authentic Korean Barbecue.”
“A food adventure!”“Best Korean In NoVa”“Yum Yummmmm”

A family started Honey Pig to share their love of Korean food with the small community of Annandale, Virginia. Throughout the years, thanks to the loyalties of our guests, we were able to share this love and Korean culture with many others in Centreville, Virginia, Ellicott City and now Germantown, Maryland! We strive each day to create the delicious BBQ table where people share food, laughter, and love. We hope that you visit us soon to experience quality at affordable prices. People, no matter from what walks of life, that share a meal together after all, a one big HONEY PIG FAMILY.


Miki (Co-Owner and Founder)

  • “Great Korean Restaurant”
  • “A good meal!”
  • “Old but Yummy”
  • “Good Korean BBQ!”

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